Podcast Recording  Services

Amerisound Studios provides full service podcasting services to individuals from all industries. Bring your show to life with professional engineering, audio + video recording, and professional mixing + editing services in a professional recording studio.

Our large room can accommodate multiple guests as well as the host of the show.

How It Works

Schedule your session then come in to record your show. Our sound engineer will make sure that you sound your best. After your recording session ends, we wrap up the audio file in its raw state and put it on a thumb drive for you or we can edit and publish it for you.


  • Studio A (control room for producers and clients)

  • Studio B (large vocal booth and set setup )

  • Podcast cleanup, for professional sounding dialogue and smooth transitions

  • VO casting for promos, announcers or hosts

  • Client services for your high profile guests, taking advantage of our lounge and facilities

  • Accommodations for video and photo shoots